Wednesday, November 7, 2007

WST Sports Label

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We Chinese are really wonderful! How can you imagine the Sports Label Transformers become miniaturized? I rarely buy any KO toys but they are really amazing. Not only Convoy and Megatron are produced, but also Convoy marine type and not-yet-release Starscream! 3 and I bought a set of 4 at only about US$5. I picked Convoy and Megatron and left the other two to 3.

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Though they look fairly good in shoe mode (only the bootlaces are missing), they are simplified a lot. You can see in the robot mode, the legs are not movable. Also all 4 shoes share the same Convoy head! But with only 1/2 the size of the original Sports Label (1/4 of Nike shoe), it is still a nice piece. With such a low price, it even comes with a key holder! I didn't pick out the original Sports Label for some comparison pics. You may click here to recall your memory. (^_^)

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SimD said...

Where can you get these? :)