Saturday, May 25, 2013

Clean Optimus

Be Cool! The Japanese version of BotShots. How cool could it be? How about making Optimus Prime a garbage truck? That must be the coolest idea ever...
Anyway, this guy is called Clean Optimus. At the first glance, I thought Takara Tomy again repaints OP in blue and white as Ultra Magnus, but he indeed is Optimus! No excuse to skip it, OP fans!

Nice package as always.

Even have an inner package

Garbage Truck mode

Robot mode
Instead of paper, scissors, stone, Clean Optimus got "Cleaning",

Loading trash!

and, Moving trash!

The Optimus team


Sunday, May 5, 2013

Generations Springer

Yet another high quality TF figure comes, Generations Springer! The figures in 30th anniversary series are really nice. They caught my eyes when they were shown in the toys expo. Both triple-changers, Springer and Blitzwing, look good, but I picked only Springer because he is way better. Maybe one of the best TF figure in these 2 years. Well done, Hasbro!
(click to enlarge the photos)

Why Hasbro always cut a corner in the package?

Helicopter mode

Car mode

The 2010 couple?

Robot mode

Remind our G1 memory.
Springer is a very enjoyable figure. I can say this is a must-have! Don't miss it when you find him in your local toys store.

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

SD Pink Lady

The 4th episode of Pink Lady series, super deformed Arcee! I made this post just because Kre-o micro-changer Arcee is out. I do have 3 SD Arcee, Myclone, Kre-o and Robot Heroes (the double pack with Rumble), but I forgot where I put the Robot Heroes one... So this time only the oldest one and the newest one are presented.

Myclone is already 10 years old...

Arcee looks so kind in the past...

Kre-o Arcee
I didn't have the chance to get Kre-o Arcee from Toysrus. She came from online auction site, so the package was gone...

Vehicle mode

She looks so fierce now...

The rivals.