Monday, April 1, 2013

Fortress Maximus

The TF every fan dreamed to own one, Fortress Maximus, finally comes back! The Encore re-issue makes everyone's dream come true! When I was a kid, I didn't even have the chance to touch a Fortress Maximus figure. Now, I can get one in my collection. You can tell my satisfaction! Hope you enjoy this little gallery.
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The package is same as G1, except the Encore label and No.23
Since the box is so big, there were some damage during shipment. And I got mine from the toy store in a rainy day with heavy thunderstorm...

The memorable boxart. Where is Weirdwolf?

Haven't seen the form box for long long time! Fortress Maximus is just too heavy!

I will not apply the stickers. They will be torn off one day...

I like Encore series, which comes with old school bio card.


Who's this guy? A toy-only character?

Head on!


I'm the one with all MAX ratings, Fortress!

Fortress Maximus!

Fortress Sword!

Battleship Maximus

Like all other headmasters, there is a seat in Battleship Maximus for Cerebros.

Maximus City

I forgot the radar part in the previous pics...

Though the plastic quality is not very good in this re-issue, I'm very satisfied with this Encore Fortress Maximus. There are so many diecast parts! I'm not a diecast freak, but this just tells what Chogokin is! As a toy, the battleship mode sucks. But the city mode is awesome. The gimmicks in city mode are very fun. I like the elevator and push-button start. I can understand 20 years ago, how happy the kids are when playing City Maximus with other small TFs. Robot mode is just HUGE. It is sad that I don't have enough space to set Fortress Maximus for display. He returns to the coffin and stays in my storeroom again... I'll let him out one day!