Sunday, October 7, 2007

Beast Wars: The Ascending

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OK, you win, IDW Publishing! This is the first time I bought the same comic book for 2 covers. I think no one can resist getting both cover A and B to get the Maximals and Predacons lineup. Back to the story, "the Ascending" continues the previous 4-issue series "the Gathering". Most likely it will go into how Magmatron return to lead the Predacons.
At first I don't have any interest to Beast Wars. Those furry robots are disgusting! However, after watching the TV series, I got addicted to it! With Don Figueroa's artwork, I even get my Magmatron figure and Razorbeast figure! Too bad that the Beast Wars Source Book was sold out in both comic stores. I have to wait for two weeks or more to get one. (~_~)

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