Sunday, January 27, 2013

Gari Robo Kun

 photo gari_zpse1535023.jpg
Another cross-over product, Transformers X Gari Gari Kun. Gari Robo Kun is an ice pop transforms to Gari Gari Kun in Optimus Prime costume. I have no interest to get it at the beginning but I heard that the design is not bad, so I got the soda one. This little guy is fine as a collectible, but it is not a must have for a TF fan.
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Nice package, really looks like the real ice pop.
 photo package_zpsb83e7145.jpg

It even comes with the ice pop bag!
 photo IMG_0988_zps2c7bde52.jpg

Ice pop time!
 photo IMG_0999_zps1e5d62bc.jpg

 photo IMG_0998_zps4b1d5c62.jpg

 photo IMG_0997_zpse93126d9.jpg

Gari Robo Kun! See the emblem on his shoulder!
 photo IMG_1001_zps6c2ff6bd.jpg

Back view
 photo IMG_1002_zpsdec4bae3.jpg
The transformation is actually quite sophisticated.

Gari Gari Kun is my favourite!
 photo IMG_1003_zps35f89f78.jpg

Full armoured
 photo IMG_1004_zpse686066d.jpg
Want an ice pop now?

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