Thursday, December 18, 2008

20th Anniversary Belldandy Figure

2008 is the 20th anniversary of "Oh My Goddess!" running on the Afternoon Magazine. I was still a high school student when I started reading this comic (around 1993 when the translated version available in Hong Kong). I am now over 30 years old, but Keiichi is still having his college life! I know the series may not come to an end but I am quite disappointed that there isn't any progress in a 20-year romance! The story also becomes so dull that I just keep reading the series for the graphics. I miss "You're under Arrested!"! Anyway, the characters are really charming. The magnet Belldandy figure included in the January issue of Afternoon is really nice. I am looking forward to the Urd and Skuld figures in the following issues.

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