Saturday, March 16, 2013

BotShots Optimus Primes

The BotShots series doesn't really catch my eyes. I only got Optimus Primes in my collection. As a toy, BotShots is a nice idea. Its automatic transformation system is fun. The paper, scissors, stone game is not bad. But I want poseable TF figures! It's a pity that some BotShots like Galaxy Prime do not even come with moveable arms! However, they are cute and nice collectibles. It is also out of my expectation that other than just auto transform, there are also other gimmicks like spinning and jumping! Lets enjoy a small gallery of these little guys.
(click to enlarge)
Card back package as always.

"We are heading for a new battle field. We need new gears."

Optimus Prime comes with 2 color versions in series 1.

He also comes with a transformable trailer.

G1 OP finally comes in series 2. His upper torso spins! But he can't put down his arms...

G1 OP also comes with a launcher base, but not transformable...

A few energon cubes as bonus...

Galaxy Prime also in the line-up, what a surprise! But his arms are not acceptable!

The vehicle mode is very nice. I like this cyber fire engine.

Finally, twin shot with their legends counterparts.
I know he is TFP OP, rather than movie one, but TFP OP is not in the legends line-up! :P

OK, OK! The legends one is G2 OP! My G1 OP was still in its package...

Yes, the legends Galaxy Prime is not super mode! Thanks for reminding...

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