Saturday, February 16, 2013

Transformers Chronicle: G1 Convoy & Moive Optimus Prime

Finally got my first G1 Convoy toy! I was also surprised that being a TF fan, I didn't own any G1 Convoy toy for 30 years. I didn't have the chance to get an expensive leader figure when I was a kid. When I came back to the TF world, I am not really interested in those G1 bricks. Today I bought this G1 Convoy just because I found this TF chronicle box set was so cheap! I couldn't resist to get the Autobots leaders home. Both figures are nice toys, especially when you remember that G1 Convoy is a design of about 40 years ago! Moreover, look at his die-cast body! You can never get a figure like this from Hasbro any more. Anyway, lets enjoy this little gallery.
(click to enlarge the photos)

Japanese package is always nice.

My first G1 Convoy, haha!

And my first deluxe movie Optimus Prime.

Leaders of the 2 eras.

The old truck

And the new truck

G1 Convoy fits the trailer too.

The container is just too lonely...